Why ride with us?

There are many companies in the world today offering to arrange motorcycle tours. However you should be very careful who you trust with your trip. You need a tour operator who respects and understands the importance of your trip; one that has the right experience and team to ensure that your tour leaves you with unforgettable memories. So why should you ride with us?


World of BMW Tours has been around for 16 years.  Some of our tour guides have been leading trips since the very first tours in 2000 and are still with us now.  The team have ridden over a million miles in countries close to home and faraway.  From North to South Africa, from the top of the Americas to the bottom, throughout Europe as well as through Central and South East Asia, China, Russia, the list goes on. And this is not just riding experience. This is experience in leading tours and expeditions from the most luxurious European week away to the toughest crossing of Central Asia and Tibet.  


Motorrad Tours are an official BMW Travel Partner. BMW trust us, and this should tell you a lot.  We are very grateful and proud of the faith BMW have in us. There are only a few companies throughout the world that can boast this approval. In 2014 Richard Millington, our Managing Director attended the BMW International Tour Guide Academy to become the only UK BMW Certified Tourguide.  This gruelling program has then been passed on to our own team through our annual training program.  

We are also proud to be members of The Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust.  Motorrad Tours were the first Motorcycle Tour company to meet the ABTOT standards and become members. Our membership provides every customer with financial protection in the unlikely event of our financial failure. Your deposit and payments are safe with us, no matter where in the world you are from. You should ask all tour operators how you are protected (it is a legal requirement in the UK) and if they are not Bonded then your payments maybe at risk. Some use insurance policies and some keep your money "safe" in a client account but, the most secure way for you is to book only with a Bonded Tour operator like Motorrad Tours.  

Valley of the MoonResearch

We research our trips extremely carefully and thoroughly. We spend lots of time in the office poring over maps, books and the internet looking for new and exciting destinations and routes. And then we go out a ride them. It is a tough job but someone has to do it! Checking out towns and villages, roads and trails, hotels and restaurants to put together the perfect tour.

Our Team

We are a small team of enthusiastic, experienced motorcyclists who have a passion for travel by motorcycle.  You can meet the team here.  Almost as importantly is who is not in our team.  We don’t have lots of back office staff; we don’t have teams of dedicated sales people; we don’t have agencies around the world working for us; and as a result you are not paying for all these people. We do not pay sales commissions to third party companies to sell our tours. 


We understand that different people want different things from their holiday.  For some it is exploring the remote wilderness of Patagonia on a GS, staying on working Estancias; for others it is sipping chianti from a hotel balcony on the shores of Lake Como; and for some people it is scraping the pegs around the Alps or Pyrenees.   Our team of guides are the same.  They have different riding styles and this is how we can offer a great range of tours, with a passionate and excited tour leader at the helm of each one.