We have four diferent tour styles:

Classic Tours - are road tours in Europe, ranging from the hard riding Mountains: range of tours to the more relaxed Loire Long Weekender or The Grand Tour: Italy and lots in between. 

Explorer Tours - are road tours in further flung destinations, for those looking to explore. On some tours there are optional gravel road sections.  Destinations include Morocco, The Arctic, South Africa and former Eastern Bloc countries.

Adventure Tours - are mixed gravel/graded and tarmac road tours for the more adventurous riders and are undertaken on a GS. Destinations include Alaska, Patagonia, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam and Colombia.

Overland Adventures - are a series of longer advneture travel tours launching in 2017.  These trips from six weeks to six months on the road will explore remote areas, ride wildernesses and cross continents. If you are interested in receiving advance information please e mail us by clicking here